Brandon Vape House Juice  

10ML for $5.99   (5$ Friday.  .99 off all Brandon Vape juices all day on Friday)

  Tobacco Flavors:

  Full Boro Bacco- Strong tobacco flavor, AKA simply red

  Steel Boro Bacco-lite cigarette flavor

  Sweet Boro Bacco- our version of RY4 with mix of tobacco, caramel, and vanilla

  Butterscotch Bacco- southern tobacco with butterscotch

  Cool Borro Bacco- rich tobacco and menthol jive in a new port


  Ice Ice Baby- pure menthol bliss

  Arctic Monkeys- double/triple menthol - chillingly good

  Arctic Bling- arctic menthol with blueberry, strawberry, raspberry


  Blueberry Hill- find your thrill on Blueberry Hill

  Pineapple Princess- pineapple delight

  Purple Rein- tart and sweet grape

  Peach Music Festival- yummy, eat a peach

  Sour Apple Samba- a crisp, tart Granny Smith apple


  Kiss- eight fruits in one jamming vape

  Eye of the Tiger- strawberry and a coconut kolada

  Blind Melon Pear- honeydew, cantalope and pear

  Born in the USA- strawberry, blueberry, and cream  Red White and Blue

  Bling Bling Berry- blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry

  Forever Strawberry- Strawberries and cream

  Watermelon Crawl- ​watermelon hard candy


  Wake n Vape- coffee and cream

  Spearmint- sweet spearmint​​

  I Want Candy- butterscotch

  Cinnamon Serenade- cinnamon rolls with a hint of goo


30ML for $13.47

  Kiwi Calypso- tropical kiwi and yumminess

  Purple Rein- tasty grape

  Raspberry Beret- raspberries topped with coolness

  Watermelon Crawl- watermelon punch candy

  Cohiba Jazz- Cuban cigar

  Evanescence- strawberries and bananas drizzled with butterscotch

  Eli's Song- strawberries and kiwi with a touch of lemonaide

  Bubble Gum Pop- bazooka Joe bubble gum  

  Sour Apple Samba- those sweet Granny Smith apples

  Cinnamon Serenade-  hot gooey cinnamon bun

  Fade to Black-  ​blackberries and cream

  Iced Watermelon Crawl-  watermelon punch candy with menthol

  Peach Music Festival-  sweet peaches 






Brandon Vape E-Juice Menu


30ML for $15.99 75ML for $29.99

  Pebbles-  blend of a fruity cereal and macaroon  

   Pound Cake-  fresh citrus and vanilla with warm cake and lemon zest

   Milk-  ​a blend of strawberries and sweet cream

   Glazed- baked layers of buttery pastry with a sugar glaze and hints of Madagascar vanilla

   Guave-  juicy guava, a medley of fresh berries, and a splash of pink lemonade 

   O.F.T.-  watermelon strawberry taffy

glas Basix Series  60ML $16.95

   Strawberry Gummy-  sweet and sour gummy bears

    Blueberry Cake-  creamy sugar glazed blueberry cake

    Fizzy Lemonade-  lemon, lime, pineapple with ice

    Butterscotch Reserve-  ​creamy RY4 tobacco

    Caribbean Punch-  a blend of peach, strawberry, apple, and pineapple

​Silver Back Juice Co.

120ML bottles $19.99

   Sandy-  strawberry on inhale and watermelon on the exhale

   ​Jenny-  strawberries with a splash of cool minty watermelon bubble gum

   Lola-  strawberries and bananas infused with dragon fruit

   Rocky-  banana oatmeal cookies blended with strawberry and vanilla ice cream

   BooBoo-  grape extract with fresh picked blueberries

Mr. Good Vape 100ML $24.99


   Sweet Lovin'  strawberry watermelon bubblegum candy

   Melon Head  cantaloupe papaya mango

   Moon Sugar  sugar cookie drizzled butterscotch and graham cracker

Humble Juice Co.    

120ML bottles $19.99  

   American Dream-  fruit flavored krispies treat

   Berry Blow Doe-  bubble gum lollipop with blueberry and 

raspberry flavoring

   Donkey Kahn-  strawberry banana and dragon fruit

   Humble Crumble-  blueberries cinnamon and graham cracker

   Pee Wee Kiwi-  kiwi watermelon and apple with a pinch of citrus

   Smash Mouth-  strawberry graham cracker with custard

   Vape The Rainbow-  rainbow sorbet mixed with fruit candies

   Hop Scotch- toffee, vanilla, butterscotch custard

   Sweater Puppets- mango, cantaloupe, and honey dew

   Unicorn Treats- Lucky Charm treats




30ML for $14.99 60ML for $19.99  

  Bliss-  a creamy dreamy vanilla custard

   Happiness-  a b;emd pf sweet and tart fruits

   Peace-  a mellow kiwi with a hint of lime

   Sweetness-  the sweetest balance of butterscotch and cream

   Joy-  a blend of sour apple and sweet grape

   Love-  ablend of fresh melons, pear, and cream

   Passion- eight delicate iridescent fruits

   Comfort-  ​a blend of earthy bourbon ad warm apple pie


​60ML for $23.95  (naked Wednesday it's 20% off all naked juices all day Wednesday)

                         ORIGINAL FRUIT

​    Lava Flow-  ​rich tropical blend of strawberries, coconut and pineapple

     Amazing Mango-  mangoes, peaches, and cream

    ​Green Blast-  ​honeydew, kiwi and crisp granny smith apples

    Really Berry-  ​blueberries and blackberries with a touch of sugared lemon

    Hawaiin POG-  ​passion fruit, orange and guava for a rich exotic fruit flavor

    ​Maui Sun-  pineapple balanced with orange and sweet tangerine

    All Melon-  ​cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew  


    Berry Belts-  ​berries and gummy candy, aka, sour belts

    Sour Sweet-  ​sweet and sour candy

    Yummy Gummy-  strawberry gum


​    Naked Unicorn-  a creamy dessert with strawberry chunks

    Go Nanas-  ripe banana slices with creamy yogurt

    ​Azule Berries-  ​ripe blueberries in a vanilla cream

    Berry Lush-  pineapple strawberries and cream


    Brain Freeze-  strawberries and kiwi backed by pomegranate served ice cold

     Polar Breeze-  pineapple, cantaloupe, and smooth honeydew blended in a frozen concoction

     Very Cool-  blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries with a drizzle of honey and notes of ice 

NKD 100 Salt juice  35mg and 50mg  30ml $19.99

       Lava Flow- strawberries, coconut, and pineapple

       Frost Bite-  pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew blended with menthol

       Brain Freeze-  strawberries, kiwi with pomegranate and menthol 

        American Patriots-  tobacco

        Really Berry-  blueberries, strawberries with a touch of lemon

         Amazing Mango-  mango, peaches and cream  


The Milkman    max vg 

30ML for $13.95 60ML for $23.95  (20% off every Monday) 

  The Milkman- A warm toasted fruit pop tart blended with vanilla ice cream and milk

   Churrios- A toasted churros with sugar and cinnamon covered in milk

   Milky-O's- a blend of chocolate, cookies, milky, creamy

   Pudding- vanilla pudding with sweet lemon overtones

   Moonies-  a chocolate moon pie

   Crumbleberry-  raspberries with a pie cream and crispy crumble crust

     Studelhaus-  flaky strudel with blueberries and cream

     Hazel-  ​sweet vanilla and caramel with fresh hazelnuts

The Milkman Salt flavors 40mg; 30ml $19.99

      Sweet Mint-  mint

      Churrios-  toasted churros with sugar and cinnamon covered in milk

       The Milkman-  a toasted fruit tart and milk






15ML for $9.99 30ML for $13.99 60ML $21.99

  Astro- tantalizing apple on inhale and strawberry on the exhale

  Andromeda- a blend of fresh wild blueberries filled with pomegranate

  Eclipse- a sweet cavendish tobacco with a vanilla bean mix

  Pluto-  watermelon, honeydew, cantalope with bubble gum finish and a hint of mint

  Meteor Milk-  strawberry ice cream with strawberry syrup

  Particle Y-  blueberry and raspberry cotton candy

  Yamato-  warm sweet blueberry muffin

  Thermal-  an apple, kiwi, orange smoothy

  Starhunter-  ​peach lemonade

  Heliomilk-  honey cream

  Terrasphere-  lemon lime cherry

  Sungrazer-  ​glazed lemon cake


  (Pluto, Andromeda, and Astro are offered in both the original 50/50 blend, or a 70vg/30pg blend.) 




30ML for $14.95 60ML for $23.95 120ML for $39.95

  LOOPER-  fruity cereal over creamy milk


Mad Hatter Juice

​60ML for $22.99

   I Love Donuts-  blueberry frosted donut

    I Love Cookies-  cookies with milk stawberries and caramel

Welcome to Brandon Vape's e-juice menu.  We pride ourselves in having some of  the best e-juices, and widest variety around.  We are authorized retailers for many of these brands and have the latest flavors as soon as they become available.  Our e-juice specialists keep up with the latest trends and are always listening to the customers for new ideas.    We also have a wide selection of CBD products to choose from.  


Lemon Twist E-Liquids  60ML $14.99 or 2 for $25.99  (20% off every Tuesday)

​Wild Watermelon Lemonade-  ​​watermelon lemonade that requires no cutting or squeezing 

Pink Punched Lemonade- ​squeezed lemons and strawberry syrup

Peach Blossom Lemonade- sweet peaches and lemonade

Strawberry Mason Lemonade-  ​sweet strawberries in a tart lemonade

Honeydew Melon Chew-  ​sweet melon and cool honeydew

IMMORTAL FOG 70vg/30pg

15ML for $9.99

  The Beast-  a raw, earthy tobacco

  Awakening-  sweet graham crackers, cookies, and cream



30ML for $16.99

  Milk and Honey-  puffy marshmallows and sweet milk with a note of rich honey

  Kryptonite-  a blend of cool melon paired with your favorite candy

  Sonrise-  passion frut blended with kiwi and pineapple 70vg/30pg

  Chewberry- strawberry and passion fruit packed into a chewy candy





ONE HIT WONDER​  80vg/20pg

100ML for $25.99  

   The Man-  a delicate blend of strawberry fruit and cream

   Muffin Man-  a blend of sweet apples and a warm cinnamon muffin

    Rocket Man-  Greek yogurt, fresh blueberries, and gronola

    Magic Man-  a mouthful of sweet gummy worms

    My Man-  strawberry chocolate and vanilla  ice cream

    Island Man-  ​tropical fruit punch

    Army Man-  ​key lime pie

​100ML for $25.99

    Famous Fair Watermelon Slush-  sweet juicy watermelon slushy

    Famous Fair Blueberry Funnel Cake-  deep fried blueberry funnel cake sprinkled with sugar

    ​Famous Fair Strawberry Pound Cake-  strawberry pound cake drizzled in strawberry syrup  ​

Beard Vape Co.  

60ML for $23.95 

    No. 00-  Sweet tobaccoccino

    No. 05-  NY Style cheesecake with strawberries on top

    No. 24-  Salted caramel malt

    No. 32-  A delicious cinnamon funnel cake

    No. 42-  Cold fruit cup

    No. 51-  Custard with custard

    No. 64-  Raspberry hibiscus 

    No. 71-  ​Sweet and sour sugar peach